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Winning bet for Tecmas-BMW

22 avril 2023

When going for the Superstock category associated with the Werner Daemen MRP Racing Team, Arnaud Sassone, new Tecmas-BMW manager, did well. At the end of a convincing race, Kenny Foray, Jan Bühn and Loïc Arbel did the show in the category on the n°9 bike, finishing at the 8th rank at the scratch.


The Bourges team Tecmas-BMW 2nd in Superstock

14 avril 2023

Rather difficult these qualificative tests for the 46th race of the Mans’ 24 Hours, the opening race of the Endurance World Championship. A very capricious meteo interferred strongly with the pilotes tasks of the teams.


A very ambitious Tecmas for the Mans 24 Hours

4 avril 2023

The best chrono achieved by Kenny Foray during the “Pré-Le Mans” tests comfort the Bourges team Tecmas-MRP-BMW at the number 1 favorite rank of the next 24 hours Moto Race at the Mans in the “Superstock” category. Perhaps the beginning of a fantastic adventure…

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