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The Bourges team Tecmas-BMW 2nd in Superstock


Rather difficult these qualificative tests for the 46th race of the Mans’ 24 Hours, the opening race of the Endurance World Championship. A very capricious meteo interferred strongly with the pilotes tasks of the teams.

Arnaud Sassone, the Manager of the Bourges Team, Tecmas-BMW MRP RACING Team, said : « On a versatile track, wet and dry, it was not easy for the pilotes and the teams to adapt the correct position and to find the correct tyres. Another problem for the pilotes was to find an opened track to obtain a good chrono. Finally, everything went rather well »

The BMW M1000 RR n°9 did obtained the best second time of the Superstock Category at 49/1000e seconds from the Kawasaki n° 33 of Louit April Moto team (1’40’’425 against 1’40’’376). Almost nothing. On can remember that since last year, the qualifications varies at the average of the two best chrono of the three pilotes racing on each moto and this means for Tecmas those of Kenny Foray and the German Jan Bühn. Achorno which is also the 13th at the scratch ; the main-position being for the Suzuki n° 12 of the SERT with the great chrono of 1’37’’506. 

At the chronology, Kenny Foray got the 8th scratch chrono, which is just simply excellent for a Superstock.

The departure scale has been made on the Thursday since yesterday, Friday, the climate conditions where really awful with almost non-stop strong rains which could not allow the improvements of the chronos by the teams. « We took this opportunity to work on the settings for the race » said Arnaud Sassone. We also worked on testing the Dunlop for the rain just in case … Even if the meteo is a bit more optimistic for this weekend as we are not sure that a strong rain could occured as it is often the case here…  We worked well and are all very confident. 

A podium would be great ! And with the higher position… »  But as for any endurance race, the first target will be to finish under the checkered flag, proving that we avoided the nasty problem : the fatal runway exit.

Christian ragot

Texte : Christian Ragot
Photos : Stéphane Valembois
translation : Josette Borne 

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