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Again, double shot for a faultlessly Kenny Foray


The Bourges BMW Tecmas team and its French Champion pilot, Kenny Foray, signed again a double in the Superbike category on the Pau Arnos track. Brilliant!

The most difficult part when you are already favorite, is to assume it. And, as far as this is concerned, Kenny Foray and the Tecmas Bourges BMW team played perfectly the game on the 5th round of the French Superbike championship on the Pau Arnos track.

Five victories within six races

Best chrono on each free test, pole-position, the consecutive third for Kenny when he had never made it all along his career and, to finalize, two evident victories. On his BMW-M1000-RR well served with the efficient Michelin tires whatever the situation, the titled French championship is just faultless. During the last six races, the BMW pilot won five (2 at Lédernon, 1 at Magny-Cours and 2 at Pau Arros) and for the one in the Nièvre, this is the kind of track more than frustrating which prevented him to make the deal.

One can say a damned serial when nobody ignore that he was not facing some “clever” guys in this championship far above the average. Some Di Meglio, Techer, Gines and other Guarnoni are quite renowned with famous prizes lists, whether in Endurance or Superbike. All being world champions what else to say. And despite this, Kenny had them at his « heels »!

The race was a mere formality for Arnaud Sassone’s favorite. Even if Di Meglio was the faster in action, Kenny Foray took the leadership in the 4th run out of the 20 of the races and stayed on it. Regular like a Swiss clock, the BMW pilot kept digging the distance at each run to afford himself the luxe to ensure the last two runs where, only, Mathieu Gines (Mécasport) could seem to disturb him a little before the Breton got off the track in the last run.

Back to two points from Di Meglio

Christian ragot

In C2, without Mathieu Gines, withdrawing after his morning accident, the two Honda pilots, Di Meglio and Techer, were again the fastest in action. Nothing worrying for a Kenny very patient, self-conscious that his bike was the fastest of them all. Firstly, to avoid the fault, then to take the opportunity of the smallest opening which could occur. That is what happened during the 9th run like a simple formality.

Di Meglio, the titled world champion in EWC Endurance, kept trying to stick to the BMW n°1 exhaust pipe but inexorably, at each run, the distance dogged of some seconds millimes “0”255 at mid run, 0”425 at the three-fourth and 1”599 passing under the checked flag at the finish of a tremendous hand-to-hand.

Fabulous Kenny Foray who achieves also a good deal at the general classification, taking 16 points back to Di Meglio, still leader but with only 2 points ahead. The last two rounds, at Carole and at the Castellet will be worth going there at each race, with a complete show and full suspense at each race for the title.

To do even better, Tecmas has (almost) filled the box in European Bikes with two pole-positions, a second place and a victory for Nelson Major (BMW S1000-RR) after the doubled at Magny-Cours. Major is literally taking off towards the championship…

The classifications in Superbike

Course 1. 1. Kenny Foray (Tecmas-BMW/M), 2. Guarnoni (BMW/D) à 5’’703, 3. Techer (Honda/M) à 7’’437, 4. Di Meglio (Honda/M), 5. Renaudin (Yamaha/P), 6. Leblanc (Ducati/P), etc… (M pou Michelin, P pour Pirelli, D pour Dunlop). Meilleur tour en course (+ 1point) : Gines (Yamaha/M/Mecasport) 1’16'413.

Course 2. 1. Foray, 2. Di Meglio à 1’’594, 3. Guarnoni à 5’’488, 4. Techer, 5. Renaudin, 6. Leblanc, etc… Meilleur tour en course (+ 1 points) : Di Meglio, 1’16’’513.

Le point au championnat : 1. Di Meglio 181 points, 2. Foray 179, 3. Techer 145, 4. Gines 119, 5. Guarnoni 113, 6. Perolari 86, etc…

Next meeting points: Carole 26th and 27th August 2023

Texte : Christian Ragot
Photos : Stéphane Valembois
Translation Josette Borne

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